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Living In Melbourne

Over several years, Melbourne Australia has been ranked as one of the top three World’s Most Liveable Cities in the world according to the latest rankings by the Economist Intelligence Unit. If you need to rent apartments, units, or houses in Melbourne Australia, you need to consider the two categories of apartments renting: furnished and unfurnished Melbourne Apartments.

People who plan to live in Melbourne for long usually opt for the unfurnished Melbourne apartments. The leases on these apartments are usually for a minimum of 6 months. You can ask for a lease of 1 year if you wish. This guarantees that the owner will ask you to evacuate the rental should they wish to increase the rent. A quick guide to the cost of living in Melbourne could be obtained by clicking the button below.

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Weather and Seasons

Melbourne has a very unpredictable weather. The Melbourne weather can experience four seasons in one day. In winter, the lowest temperature in Melbourne Australia might be 10°C during the daytime. In summer, Melbourne weather experience two or three 40°C days, with a cool change to follow. Summer period in Melbourne is Dec to Feb, Autumn is March to May, Winter in June-August, and Spring is September to November. Melbourne has a moderate oceanic climate and is colder than other mainland Australian state capital cities in the winter.

Living In Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is Australia’s fourth largest city. The city itself is located on the banks of the Swan River, which is quite wide in places. WA is a great place to live! Perth has clean air, beautiful beaches, wide open spaces and a relaxed lifestyle and its multicultural society welcomes people from all over the world.

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Weather and Seasons

Perth’s weather is one of our best features. Warm summers and mild winters let you make the most of the great outdoors. Perth receives moderate though highly seasonal rainfall, making it the fourth wettest Australian capital city after Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane. Summers are generally hot and dry, lasting from December to late March, with February generally being the hottest month of the year, while winters are relatively cool and wet, making Perth a classic example of a Mediterranean climate.

Living In Sydney

Sydney Australia is located in a coastal basin situated between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Blue Mountains. Sydney Australia is a friendly city offering visitors and students, a variety of attractions and activities. The cost of living in Sydney Australia is not high considering that Sydney is one of the best cities in the world.

More Information About Living in Sydney

Weather and Seasons

The climate of Sydney is temperate, having warm summers and mild winters, with rainfall spread throughout the year. Average minimum temperatures in the winter months of June through to August are around 9°C (47-48 °F). The summer season is from December through to February.

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