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The Healthovation magazine is an initiative of The Institute of Health & Management (IHM). Conceived to be a guiding light for international education, technological innovation and global career opportunities in the healthcare sector, the idea to launch The Healthovation took roots from the need to be a shining light for people, businesses, networks and global trends in the healthcare sector.

Innovation in healthcare and education is taking the world by storm and we have had the privilege to be part of several innovation conferences in this sector. Through this magazine, we provide opportunities to inform people about these advances, provide guidance to students who are unsure about their career path and also provide pathways to healthcare professionals seeking to advance their career . The research-laden discussions that impinge upon innovative technologies in education and healthcare are given pride of place across the pages of The Healthovation.

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Vision of The Healthovation

Our vision is to widen the knowledge of people in international healthcare education, innovation and research

Mission of The Healthovation

Our mission is to create jobs and improve lives

Printed and published by KCPM Trust (sister concern of Health Careers International, Australia), The Healthovation is a bi-monthly magazine conceived to stand for international education, technological innovation and global career opportunities in the healthcare sector. It is available in both print and digital formats to suit the reading preference of international readers who are on the go with hardly enough time to pause. Our ultimate aim is to connect healthcare professionals across the globe, to build a growing community of those who give care, those who need care and those who aspire to be innovators in the future of healthcare.

Want to be a part of the Healthovation team?

We invite contributions from one and all, especially the staff, educators and students of Health Careers International group of companies. Freelance contributions are also welcomed with open arms provided they adhere to the Editorial Policy.

To have your article featured you can contact us :

Vandana Thambi Antony Manager - Training and Public Relations

Bodhi Darshanee Rai - Public Relations Officer

Nayana Sreelatha - Research and Learning Support Information Officer

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