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Vision, Mission, Values


IHM’s vision is to enhance the well being of people through health care education and research using sustainable, innovative practices.


IHM’s mission is to provide state of the art health care education services and generate related research outcomes that inform health and wellness services globally.


Provide high-quality, student-centered, accessible education in health science focusing on research & innovation.


IHM adopts the following values that guide its growth as a higher education institution. We value:


  • Adopt a culture of innovation in every aspect of the design and delivery of our education programs and services;
  • Constantly challenge, question, monitor and evaluate our existing practices and processes to support our institutional quality assurance strategies and ensure continuous improvement in our higher education operations.


  • Recognise the challenging nature of the healthcare sector and the needs of our student cohorts in the support we provide for our prospective and current students;
  • Understand the unique requirements of our students and celebrate their diversity.


  • Promote academic integrity and accountability to ensure staff and students are recognised and rewarded for the quality of their own outputs;
  • Drive a culture of free intellectual inquiry that inspires staff and students to advance their knowledge, skills and passion for lifelong learning.
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